Petrogas launches its annual QHSSE Day 2017
January 9, 2018 | 6:45 PM
by Times News Service

Muscat: Petrogas E&P, the holding company for MB Holding’s oil and gas exploration and production interests, has recently launched its annual QHSSE Away Day at Al Mouj Golf Club in partnership with Petrogas Kahil and Petrogas Rima.

The annual event highlighted to remind employees of their responsibility in making the workplace safer by enhancing QHSE culture within the company.

The event was inaugurated by Azhar Al Kindi, PGEP Chief Operating Officer (COO) and on his welcoming address he had pledged and emphasised that the coming year of 2018 has to be a free incident year and that, he called upon strong contribution from everyone to achieve the main objectives. He stated, “Regardless of the cost-effective pressures of the current operational business-challenging environment, our organisations had remained committed to its number one priority of safety and health with a firm focus on no harm to people, assets and the environment.”

Ghudayyer Al Waheibi PGEP, Corporate QHSSE manager stated in his presentation on ‘Towards QHSE Excellence’ a strong safety culture relies very much on getting the fundamentals right and adhering to compliance with company procedures. It is a broad, organisation-wide approach to safety management system. A safety culture is the result of combined individual and group efforts toward values, attitudes, goals and proficiency of a company’s health and safety programme. In creating a safety culture, all levels of management are highly regarded on how they act towards workforce and day-to-day operational requirements, which shall contribute heavily to accident prevention.

Khalefin Al Adhoobi, PGEP manager - QHSE Planning and Business Support said, “The QHSE Away Day is and will always remain as the opportunity to present the company management vision, mission and QHSE corporate annual performance. This year annual QHSE Away Day has given a chance to review our operational safety and health performance, sharing learnings, discuss on critical topics to promote safety excellence such as the importance of individual health and medical check-ups. The event had also offered a focus for Petrogas management QHSE objectives, particularly aimed at enhancing good behaviour and safety culture within the company. Every individual in the company has a major role to play in protecting our colleagues, our production, our equipment, our environment and ourselves. We need to remain cautious at all times and never drop our safeguard.”

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