Wednesday 12/August/2020 09:46 AM
<{"id":51,"namespace":"App\\Models\\Post","slug":"india","name":"India","count":6} class="post-title"> Over 13,000 passengers used Muscat Airport in May
Times News ServiceMuscat: Over 13,000 passengers travelled through Muscat Airport in May 2020, with Indians being the majority.&nbsp; The number of...
Tuesday 22/September/2020 13:23 PM
<{"id":51,"namespace":"App\\Models\\Post","slug":"india","name":"India","count":6} class="post-title"> Bollywood stars under the scanner for involvement in drug ring
Mumbai: Several Bollywood stars are being investigated by India’s Narcotics Drug Bureau (NCB) for their alleged involvement in supplying drugs to others,...
Sunday 15/January/2023 16:21 PM
<{"id":51,"namespace":"App\\Models\\Post","slug":"india","name":"India","count":6} class="post-title"> Photos: India Celebrates Harvest Festivals
India celebrates Pongal, Makar Sankranti, Lohri and Bihu marking the arrival of harvest season on January 13-15, 2023.A man flies multiple kites on a string...