Oman's current computer shortage will be solved next month: CPA

Oman Monday 09/November/2020 11:38 AM
By: Times News Service
Oman's current computer shortage will be solved next month: CPA
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Muscat: The current shortage of computers in the market is expected to be resolved by next month with the arrival of new batches which will also be inexpensive, costing around OMR 200, the Chairman of the Consumer Protection Authority (CPA), stated.  

His Excellency Sulayem bin Ali Al Hikmani, Chairman of the CPA said: "There is a belief by some that they need high-specification devices and this belief is incorrect, as the Ministry of Education and the Consumer Protection Authority carried out the necessary awareness and educational work for parents so that students and parents both know that these devices do not need to be complicated."

He also said: "There is a scarcity in the specifications required for computers to enable students to opt for distance education. This shortage resulted from the high demand for devices. However, there were efforts from the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Transport to identify sufficient computers and tablets, and there were meetings with the concerned authorities to find specific specifications for the devices that the student could use."

After that, the suppliers of these computers were approached, to know the market situation and what are the options available so that the student can learn remotely," he added.