House fire cases drop in Oman

Energy Sunday 07/June/2020 16:48 PM
By: Times News Service
House fire cases drop in Oman

Muscat: Though the number of house fire cases has decreased, the authorities in Oman have asked people to remain cautious while operating appliances that could accidentally cause blaze.
According to data released by the Public Authority for Civil Defence and Ambulance (PACDA), residential fires reported in 2019 stood at 1,152, down from 1,335 the previous year, indicating a decrease of 183 house fires during this period.
A PACDA statement added: “Comparing to the accidents in residential establishments between 2018 and 2019, we find that the number of accidents has decreased by 183, with 1, 335 fire accidents recorded in 2018 compared to 1,152 accidents in 2019. The causes of fire accidents in residential facilities, which coincide with high temperatures in summer, are due to several reasons, including negligence and non-compliance with safety guidelines when dealing with electrical appliances, cooking gas, and other devices.”
“There are many sources of danger in homes due to the presence of tools and electrical appliances and others that are used on a daily basis,” said the organisation. “The degree of the risk caused by them varies according to their use, so care must be taken when using electrical appliances, cooking gas and other necessities of the home to avoid any risks that may occur to life and property.”
PACDA also advised people to take precautions to prevent such fires from starting, including sharing advice with those unfamiliar with using such devices, or making sure they did not use it without knowing how they worked.
The advice also involved people remembering to close their stoves once done with them, to not overload electrical sockets, and ensure their electronic devices and household appliances were properly connected and regularly maintained.
“Make sure to own a multi-purpose fire extinguisher, do not pour water on burning oil, once a fire has been spotted at home, try to turn off the main source of electricity and gas if possible, and leave the house at the earliest,” added PACDA. “Do not put out obstacles in front of the exits and corridors, so that you can ensure all the members of the family can exit safely, so as to gather at a location far away from the impact of the fire.”