Streamline your morning routine

Lifestyle Saturday 20/October/2018 18:23 PM
By: Times News Service
Streamline your morning routine

Let’s face it; most people are so used to their morning routine, they may not even be aware of how it’s slowing them down. Here are three ways to save some valuable time every morning.
Disable snooze
Did you know that on many smartphones, it’s possible to disable the snooze button? Transform your morning with a few swipes of the thumb and become the kind of person who gets out of bed at the scheduled hour. You’ll give yourself more time to get every task on your morning to-do list complete and be less rushed in the process.
One-stop breakfast
If you’re like many people, you are particular about your coffee as well as the first meal of the day. Luckily, it’s easy to ditch the habit of picking up your morning brew at one specialty store and your breakfast at another. Save substantial time each morning by seeking out one location that specialises in both.
The rush to get out the door can make anyone forgetful, even a morning person. Take a few minutes in the evening (and earn yourself a bit more shuteye) to prep your bag so you can just grab and go in the morning. Check the forecast and your calendar the night before and lay out a weather- and event- appropriate outfit head to toe, so that it’s completely ready to be worn — matching socks to their companion, pressing anything that needs it and selecting accessories. With a few streamlining strategies and proactive steps that help you stick to the programme, mornings will be a cinch.