5 features your LED TV must have

Hockey Sunday 18/February/2018 17:54 PM
By: Times News Service
5 features your LED TV must have

The era of LED television symbolises the experience of connectivity and interactivity for the customers, who can now use television and internet access in a single device. The market is flooded with brands offering great and amazing features in their LED TVs. There are many different kind of features of LED televisions that you all should be aware of so that you are able to make an informed decision while upgrading your LED TV. Here is a complete guide to know all the essential and smart features your LED must have. Read on more to become familiar with all the features and important terms.

Contrast Ratio: Contrast ratio is the difference between the darkest black and the brightest white a TV can produce. It is an important factor to look for. As a consumer, it is difficult to find out which display has the best contrast ratio? One cannot tell in a store as its lightening makes the comparison very tough. It is also hard to compare the contrast ratios of different manufacturers as they do not use the same measuring method. Thus, it is always advisable to read reviews written by the experts and users before one makes any decision.

Resolution: Resolution is how many pixels are packed onto a screen. More the pixels, sharper the image is going to be. One can find LED TVs starting with 720p moving to 1080p going upto 8.3 million pixels for 4K ultra HD TVs. One has to look closely to differentiate between the available options.

Ports: Nowadays, important inputs offered by an LED TV have dwindled to one kind and i.e., HDMI. Before buying, do count the number of devices that you want to connect, and make sure your LED TV has at least that many HDMI ports. USB inputs and/or an SD card slot are really nice options to display the photos, or so.

Smart TV: Streaming video over the Internet with the help of an amazing service like Netflix or Amazon is the future of watching TV. So, use this upgrade opportunity to buy a “smart” LED TV. A smart LED TV will have an in-built support for the major streaming services, music streaming services and even for games. Just be sure you try out all the smart features of your selected LED TV in the store to make sure they are easy for you and your family to use.

Refresh Rate: A lot of LED TV displays you see in the store make a big deal about the refresh rate. It is the number of frames per second, the TV can display. Earlier TVs used to have 60 refreshes per second, but now they offer 120 Hz, 240 Hz. The idea is that the faster refresh abridges the motion blur in the fast scenes. In the nutshell, it is advisable to avoid 60 Hz.

When buying a Smart TV, you, as a consumer must differentiate what you are interested in and what not. The technology used in these LED range produces a fine image and High definition video quality that doesn’t blur and gives you a realistic picture for an unmatched viewing experience.