OmanPride: Charity group in Manah provides medical equipment for community

More sports Sunday 07/January/2018 18:16 PM
By: Times News Service
OmanPride: Charity group in Manah provides medical equipment for community

Manah Charity Group provided medical equipment to its local health centre, thereby making a significant difference in the community. The team focused on lending a helping hand to the centre’s management by offering modern medical devices that provide better services and serve an important purpose in helping those in need.
The idea to form a charity came into being in 2002, after a group of friends gathered to help a colleague with some money. The deed ignited a fire within their hearts. By 2005, they decided to form an organisation that would help poor families. In 2013, they gained official recognition under the Commission for Social Development at the Wali of Manah’s office. “The organisation emerged from the basis of solidarity, love, and co-operation among members of a society,” said team supervisor Hilal Mansoor Al Abdali, adding, “Our team members are the youth of the community and everyone who loves volunteer work.”
The team currently supervises 16 projects, serving three sectors. The first is the education sector. Each project focuses on aiding children from disadvantaged families in the field of education, such as sponsoring a student, offering school supplies and school bags, providing meals, such as breakfast, for a student in the school.
The second sector that the organisation focuses on is community service, such as charity work related to mosques, opening summer centres and camps for educating children, and contributing to pay for weddings.
The third sector falls under family development, which carries out projects that look after orphans, and provides food packages, among other things.
The Manah Charity Group’s achievements include continuous aid to suffering families, opening a library, taking care of orphans, raising the standard of living in society, and their most important achievement in the field of community service – supporting the Manah Health Centre to purchase a range of medical supplies. The organisation also helped provide a variety of supplies for their Scientific Exploration Centre.
The group has future plans to begin other projects that serve the Manah community and its neighbouring towns.
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