Royal Hospital succeeds in removing rare abdominal tumour

Oman Tuesday 27/February/2024 12:59 PM
By: Times News Service
Royal Hospital succeeds in removing rare abdominal tumour

Muscat: The Royal Hospital has succeeded in removing a rare tumor from the abdominal cavity. The surgery took 9 hours.

A specialised surgical team at the Royal Hospital succeeded in performing a complex surgery that took 9 hours. It consisted of removing a rare tumour from the abdominal cavity, followed by high-temperature chemotherapy to ensure the elimination of tumor remnants.

Dr. Amid bin Khamis Al Araimi, Assistant Director General of Medical Affairs at the Royal Hospital, Consultant Colon and General Surgery, explained that the tumor was surrounding many vital organs, including the right kidney, the right lobe of the liver, the inferior vena cava, the right common iliac artery, and the back muscles (the iliacus, lumbar, right semispinalis).

Al Araimi said that the complexity and difficulty of the operation is represented by the rarity of the tumour, as removing such a rare tumor requires experience and high precision from the surgical team, and the large size of the tumour. The size of the tumour reached 30 x 30 cm, which increased the difficulty of the operation, in addition to the complex location of the tumour, which is a major challenge due to its proximity to vital organs.

Al Araimi added that the operation took 9 hours and required high surgical skills, stressing that the success of this operation is an important achievement that reflects the competence and experience of the surgical team in all its specialties at the Royal Hospital and its keenness to provide the best health services to patients.

Al Araimi pointed out that careful planning and preparation had been made to ensure the success of the surgery, and efforts were directed to completely eradicate the tumor without causing any damage to the surrounding tissues, and that the patient’s condition was stable and recovering well.

He stated that the patient was suffering from a solid swelling in the right side of the abdomen and extending to the right side of the back. This was accompanied by a partial obstruction in the intestines along with pain and weakness in the right leg due to the tumour spreading to the muscles and nerves responsible for leg movement.