Symposium highlights global trends in breast cancer treatment

Oman Friday 18/August/2023 17:36 PM
By: Times News Service
Symposium highlights global trends in breast cancer treatment

Muscat: A scientific symposium was held on Friday, August 18, 2023 in the Wilayat of Salalah in Dhofar Governorate on the national laboratory and the challenges of breast cancer.

 About 100 medical and paramedical groups from various health institutions involved in laboratories participated in the symposium.

 The symposium programme included the presentation of "5" scientific working papers with the participation of a number of consultants and specialists in the departments of laboratory pathology, surgery and radiology at Sultan Qaboos Hospital in Salalah.

 The symposium discussed the definition of mechanisms for dealing with breast cancer according to the protocol of the Ministry of Health, and the most important modern methods of examination and diagnosis, in addition to global trends in the treatment of breast cancer using precision medicine technology.

 The laboratory department also presented three scientific papers at the symposium, which dealt in their entirety with the role of the national laboratory in dealing with breast cancer samples, the types of laboratory tests and the modern dyes used in them.

 The symposium also included the presentation of a scientific paper on surgical intervention to remove a cancerous tumor in the breast area early, and the techniques used in following up patients after the operation and during the recovery phase.