Hiking Cheat sheet: Wadi Al Khoud Trail

Lifestyle Thursday 09/February/2023 10:45 AM
By: Times News Service
Hiking Cheat sheet: Wadi Al Khoud Trail
The sunrise on the Wadi Al Khoud Trail is a breathtaking view, over kilometers of small mountains.

Muscat: Access to the great outdoors, endless kilometers of hiking trails, uninterrupted views and the mild winter sun - these are some of the things that were taken for granted in Oman. But Covid19 changed all of that. Remaining indoors made people crave the outdoors like never before.

So as the world returns to a new normal, tourists, citizens and residents around the country are lacing up their hiking boots and hitting the trails like never before. 

Oman is home to some of the best trails in the region. Most of them are easy walks, and some are guaranteed to challenge even the fittest and most sure-footed hikers.

If you start early in the day in addition to watching a beautiful sunrise you would have also done 10,000 steps before breakfast.

One such easy trail which was recently explored by the Times News Network is the Wadi Al Khoud Trail.

Location: Wadi Al Khoud Trail

Starting off: Well within city-limits, the 6 km Wadi Al Khoud Trail begins at Al Khoud Village. Graded 3 on 5 by hikers (5 being extremely difficult), this trail is great for explorers with moderate fitness levels. Once you have parked your car, you just have to walk a few steps, till you find the point marking the start of the trail. Helpful trail-builders have painted arrows and flags along the way, so you can always be assured that you are on the right track.

The 6 km Wadi Al Khoud Trail begins at Al Khoud Village.

Sunrise: Starting just before day-break is perfect, as you can reach the highest point just as the sun rises over the horizon. The sunrise is a breathtaking view, over kilometers of small mountains. After this point, the trek is slightly more challenging, as it snakes downhill. There is a ladder which takes you about 30 feet down, although you can walk along the rocky path as well.

Snack break: After the ladder, the trail takes a sharp bend to the right, and you realize that the valley is now on your left. As you begin to walk towards the valley, you are shielded from the sun by the mountain. It's a great place to stop and fuel up on the snacks in your rucksack. Just make sure you don't leave any trash behind.

Wadi Adventures: Once you are closer to the valley, you can explore the area. If you are adventurous, look for the small gorge that takes you to the wadi, or stick to the marked path for an easier trail. Splash around, watch the farmers herd their sheep and revel in the fact that you've done almost 7,000 steps and it's not even 8 am.

A 30-feet tall ladder on the Wadi Al Khoud Trail.

Walk back to the car:
This is the tough part!
After the fun at the wadi, the hunger pangs for breakfast and a hot cup of coffee strikes you. Hurry along, but don't forget to appreciate that such beauty exists within the city.

Always: Hike with a buddy. Carry water and snacks. Make sure your phone is fully charged.