We Love Oman: Popular hiking routes of Oman

Oman Monday 19/September/2022 20:55 PM
By: Times News Service
We Love Oman: Popular hiking routes of Oman

Oman’s mountain ranges are breezy and much cooler than the cities and beaches, making them a perfect place to enjoy some outdoor adventure. There are numerous marked hiking routes in Oman – both on interior mountain ranges and on coastal ridges. The most popular hiking routes are in the mountains of Jebel Shams, Jebel Akhdar and the Sharqiyah Mountains, as well as the coastal areas of Tiwi, and Qalhat.

The experiences are different as the mountains will keep you cool at higher altitudes and you can enjoy great views of canyons, valleys, abandoned villages, crystal clear wadis, and green oasis orchards. Meanwhile, the coast offers fresh sea air with great views of the ocean, rugged coastline, and pristine beaches, though in the summer the coast also equates to tropical humidity and intense sun, so be sure to stay hydrated and get ready for some serious tanning.

At the Wadi Shabs, you get to try out an array of enthralling activities apart from hiking and climbing. Cliff-jumping, diving, casual swimming are among the other recreations this place is known for.

Majlis Al Jinn Cave, the world’s second largest cave is the ideal spot for adventurers who are looking for a strong adrenaline rush. The dark underground coves leading to the beautifully unique turquoise water with little fish nibbling on your feet is a must experience attraction.

Inside the edge of the Grand Canyon you will get the most stunning view after following a narrow trail looking down hundreds of metres in the gorge below.  The Snake Gorge or Wadi Bani Awf is a large wadi in wilayat Al Rustaq in the South Batinah Governorate of Oman is a true attraction especially among hikers. The wadi covers authentic Omani villages among various other attractions including the Snake Canyon.

If a peaceful getaway close to nature is what you are looking for then visit Birkat Sharaf. It is considered as one of the most difficult trekking trails and hence is sparsely inhabited or used even by tourists. It is a pass between mountains and wadis with a beautifully scenic landscape. Drive from Muscat to Nizwa, and then to Al Hamra. From there, drive straight through to Misfat Al Abriyeen, up the mountain at the end of the road. Walk through the village, following its irrigation channel through to the other side, parallel to the gorge. Follow the marked hiking trail across the gorge, up the mountain, past the settlement of Aqabat Al Hamra and to the pass at the top, Birkat Sharaf. You are looking at around five to seven hours of hiking time.