Research project on organisational pride wins award

Oman Tuesday 22/February/2022 21:02 PM
By: Times News Service
Research project on organisational pride wins award

Muscat: Thirteen research projects in various innovative fields of national interest received the 8th National Research Award instituted by the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation.

Principal investigator Dr. Omar Durrah, Associate Professor at Dhofar University, was among the recipients of the award for his research on ‘Organisational pride as an antecedent of employee creativity in the petrochemical industry’.

Dr. Omar Durrah and his team aimed to explore the impact of two aspects of organisational pride (emotional and attitudinal) on employee creativity in petrochemical companies in the Sultanate of Oman. Employing a simple random sample technique, they collected data using a questionnaire from 278 respondents working in five major petrochemical organisations in Oman. Data were examined using structural equation modeling.

Dr. Omar maintained that the results of the study indicated that both emotional and attitudinal pride were at moderate levels in the companies surveyed. So was the level of creativity in the petrochemical companies. He further said that the findings revealed that attitudinal organisational pride was the only dimension that had a direct, significant and positive bearing on creativity, while emotional pride had little to do in fostering creativity.

According to Dr. Omar, based on the results of this study, it can safely be argued that attitudinal pride has a significant effect on creativity. Attitudinal pride can be viewed as a form of collective pride arising from the need for employees to be identified with a particular group, such as their organisation.

Dr. Omar, therefore, suggested that managers should, besides focusing on the organisation as a whole, pay more attention to the events that generate attitudinal organisational pride and avoid events that decrease it. They should also enhance attitudinal pride by celebrating success and highlighting key organisational achievements to make employees aware of the success records of the company, including market share and position or company growth and image.

He also suggested that managers should consider information about both the organisation as well as the employees while developing marketing communication messages to strengthen attitudinal pride and encourage corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities in the organisation to boost positive attitudinal pride toward their organisation. Besides, they should strive to strike a work–life balance for their employees to stimulate attitudinal pride, reduce organisational cynicism by increasing co-worker trust and by decreasing job stress. They should also include organisational attitudinal pride in their annual employee surveys in addition to other criteria, such as employee satisfaction.

The research team included Dr. Kamaal Allil, and Dr. Moaz Gharib, both Assistant Professor at Dhofar University, Dr. Souzan Hannawi, Assistant Professor at Wadi International University (Syria) in addition to Dr. Omar Durrah. The research project was published in European Journal of Innovation Management with an impact factor 4.691.

Dr. Omar said, “We are extremely honoured that our paper was selected for the National Research Award. Being recognised, being seen, heard and appreciated for our contributions to research is a great honour. This award is both a validation and vindication of the tireless work that has gone into our research paper. We share this achievement as a team.”