Oman recorded over 2,000 cybercrimes for 2020

Oman Thursday 05/August/2021 13:12 PM
By: Times News Service
Oman recorded over 2,000 cybercrimes for 2020
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Muscat: Oman has registered more than 2,000 cybercrimes for 2020, the National Center for Statistics and Information(NCSI), indicated.

According to the NCSI, the total number of cybercrimes in the Sultanate for the year 2020 reached 2,292. 47 per cent of these crimes consisted of assaulting others with insults and slander, 16 per cent for assaulting the sanctity of private or family life, seven per cent for threatening or blackmailing individuals through the information network and 30 per cent is represented for other technical crimes.