Friday 18/September/2020 11:16 AM
<{"id":2,"namespace":"App\\Models\\Post","slug":"environment","name":"Environment","count":5} class="post-title"> Oman's Environment Authority checks on reports of tree-burning
Muscat: Environment Authority (EA) officials have visited Al Jabal Al Akhdar based on reports of wild trees being burnt.A statement issued online by the...
Friday 18/September/2020 11:33 AM
<{"id":2,"namespace":"App\\Models\\Post","slug":"environment","name":"Environment","count":5} class="post-title"> Over 30 trees planted by Natural History Museum in Oman
Muscat: More than 30 local trees and plants have been planted by the Natural History Museum as part of the national initiative to plant ten million trees...
Saturday 19/September/2020 11:56 AM
<{"id":2,"namespace":"App\\Models\\Post","slug":"environment","name":"Environment","count":5} class="post-title"> Oman’s inbound tourism rises to OMR2.3 billion in last 4 years
Muscat: The spending of inbound tourism increased in the last four years of the current five-year plan to OMR2.3 billion, compared to OMR2.1 billion in the...