Tuesday 05/January/2016 17:15 PM

Putin makes Russia's 'isolationism' official

The evolution of Russia's National Security Strategy -- a document whose latest version was published on December 31 -- provides valuable material for...
Monday 04/January/2016 16:37 PM

Let Pakistan's Karachi win the race

One of the good things about the paramilitary operation being conducted in Karachi is that it keeps the city in the national limelight. The Sindh...
Monday 04/January/2016 16:18 PM

Is the worst over for the oil price slump?

A word of caution first. I am not an oil expert, but perhaps am one of the readers, who developed an interest in the subject. As we enter 2016, the one...
Sunday 03/January/2016 14:11 PM

Putin’s trump card

At his annual year-end press conference, Russian President Vladimir Putin was as informal, audacious, and offensive as his favourite American presidential...