10 months ago

Design tricks to brighten up a dark room

Living in a space where most of the rooms are dark and gloomy can be depressing. Luckily, there are some design tricks that can make almost any space look...
10 months ago

Movies are the best way to de-stress

New Releases English The Way Back In this sports drama, Ben Affleck plays Jack Cunningham, an ex-star basketball player who has now lost everything due to...
10 months ago

5 ways to get kids to eat healthier

Every parent knows the struggle of convincing their little ones to eat more nutritious foods. Luckily, by encouraging your kids to get involved in the...
11 months ago

Easy tips to power your day

Even if you try to keep to a healthy diet and work out regularly, chances are there are times of the day when your energy fades, or entire days when you...
11 months ago

Oscars: Parasite wins best picture

South Korean dark comic thriller Parasite has won four Academy Awards, including best picture, becoming the first movie not in English to do so, following...
11 months ago

Revive the lost art of letter writing

In an age of instant messages, video chats and social media, the art of letter writing has become rare. But sitting down to write correspondence by hand...