BP Oman, Youth Sada launches third cycle of its centre’s programmes

Roundup Saturday 27/March/2021 17:34 PM
By: Times News Service
BP Oman, Youth Sada launches third cycle of its centre’s programmes

MUSCAT: In partnership with BP Oman, Youth Sada launched the third cycle of the programmes for the Youth Sada Centre. The programmes will be held periodically and aim to incubate a group of initiatives driven by young Omanis around social work in Al Dhahirah Governorate.

Youth Sada Centre is referred to as a hub that provides a creative joint working space, and several initiatives serving the communities around it. The Centre’s activities will focus on three main programmes for young Omanis which are the Initiative Incubation programme, the Exchange Forum and the Youth Platform initiative.  The Initiative Incubation programme is a joint working space that allows young minds to exchange ideas and experiences. To ensure longevity and sustainability of their community projects, young Omanis will be provided with logistics, consultation, training, administrative and marketing services.

The Exchange Forum initiative – also under the Youth Sada Centre - allows people of different personalities and ambitions to network, discuss, and share ideas and expertise. Whereas the Youth Council Initiative is a forum that groups in various initiatives nationally and internationally, to share their trials and experiences as well as allow collaborations and partnerships between different initiatives to take place.

Shamsa Al-Rawahiya, BP Oman social investment manager, commented: “These initiatives are important incubators that encourage youth to share and implement ideas around helping their communities. They provide young Omanis with the opportunity to build their networks in their early careers. This type of environment also provides opportunities for businesses to grow through sharing, enhancing, and developing knowledge among different individuals.”

Anwar Al Maqrashi, Manager of the Youth Sada Centre, further added about the Centre’s activities: “The Youth Sada Centre acts as a starting point to form close and continuous partnerships between the different members of our community through providing training programmes, activities, seminars and discussion sessions. The Centre also provides consultation sessions, administrative services and a creative workspace for community projects to thrive.”