We Love Oman: Quaint villages of Samail

Oman Tuesday 16/March/2021 22:39 PM
By: Times News Service
We Love Oman: Quaint villages of Samail

For those travelling to Samail in  Al Dakhiliyah region, a visit to Al Afiya village in Wadi Bani Rawaha and  Saija village is a must. Located under a mountainous footpath surrounded by mountains on all sides, while Al Afiya village is an ideal destination for nature lovers and mountain climbers, Saija village is known for abundance of water and extends from Al Hajar Al Gharbi  to Jabal Akhdar.

Al Afiya village is located in the south-west of the Wilayat of Samail. The village’s name was changed into Al Afiya for its beautiful natural surroundings that made it one of the first stops for tourists in the wilayat. Although the village of Al Afiya is in a mountainous area and located under the foot of a mountain, it is characterised by the cultivation of all kinds of date-palms and citrus trees, aiding in the cultivation of lemons, oranges and mangoes. There are many historical and religious monuments in the village, such as forts, towers, and old neighbourhoods.

Saija village on the other hand is characterised by the abundance of water, as it receives a lot of rains throughout the year. The village also houses many Aflaj including Falaj Al Hamam, whose water flows from the bottom of the mountain. Its water is hot, especially in winter. Falaj Al Qari, Falaj Al Hadith and Falaj Al Mahdouth are some of the other water channels.The village is covered by a group of orchards and date-palm oases that form a beautiful green tableau. It is also famous for cultivating many crops, such as watermelon, lemon, garlic, tomato and wheat grains, in addition to alfalfa