Ignoring safety standards major cause for fires in industrial areas

Oman Wednesday 24/February/2021 21:07 PM
By: Times News Service
Ignoring safety standards major cause for fires in industrial areas

Muscat: Proper implementation of the safety standards drawn up for industrial areas is needed to prevent accidents and large-scale damage, a top official at Public Authority for Civil Defence and Ambulance (PACDA) has said.

“The most important cause of fires in industrial facilities is a failure to comply with the requirements set out by the civil defence authorities,” said Brigadier Salim bin Yahya Al Hinai, Director General of Civil Defence at PACDA.

“This is seen in the form of storing sensitive materials in a random manner, constructing facilities with unstable and non-fireproof goods, lack of commitment to periodic maintenance of firefighting and detection systems, and the poor quality of electrical wiring in buildings,” he said.

He said that PACDA relied on companies to make sure they follow all the safety protocols that are designed to protect people at work. Not complying with them would lead to accidents or even the loss of life and destruction of property.

“The authorities carry out continuous field visits to make sure the companies there observe safety regulations,” said the brigadier.

“I ask all of the organisations operating there to commit to the safety standards issued by PACDA, and for regular follow-ups to be made regarding their implementation. As part of the safety protocols, fire evacuation drills must also be conducted for all workers.”

Al Hinai made these comments to the Oman News Agency as part of PACDA’s awareness efforts to inform people about the importance of public safety.

As part of its commitment to keeping people up-to-date about safety standards and protocols, PACDA also organises lectures for the general population, and teaching them about preventive measures against fires and other accidents.

“We call on everyone to follow the relevant policies set out for people in residential areas, industrial zones and agricultural facilities, to prevent the occurrence of dangerous actions and limit their impact,” he said.