Five Must-Follow Instagrams This Summer

T-Mag Wednesday 25/May/2016 17:56 PM
By: Times News Service
Five Must-Follow Instagrams This Summer

1. Summer Body
Get your daily dose of inspiration for a fit lifestyle from Lorna Jane, who posts beautiful shots of her healthy meals, portraits of her flawlessly athletic body, workout tips, and fashionable, sporty outfits.
Instagram: @lornajaneactive

2. Summer Fashion
Summer Fashion Hits is sure to get all you ladies in the mood for summer with awesome roundups, fancy swimsuits and simple, fashionable summer-ready outfits.
Instagram: @summerfashionshit

3. Summer Travel
Summer is travel season, and there’s no better IG account for getting all hyped-up to hit the road than National Geographic. They post tons of captivating, well-shot photos of people from different cultures, as well as stunning shots of interesting must-visit places.
Instagram: @natgeotravel

4. Summer Sport
An amazing photographer and diver, Mark Healey’s account is full of interesting shots taken on and under the water using a GoPro. Follow him for super cool shots of surfing, diving, and selfies with underwater creatures.
Instagram: @healeywaterops

5. Summer Food
Nothing beats the heat like fresh, healthy food prepared in an appetising manner. Nikki Lee Frost’s account is loaded with shots of the Aussie foodie’s vegetarian delights that are sure to make your mouth water, and maybe even inspire you to get into the kitchen.
Instagram: @veggie_moments