Oman's government restructure will help avoid duplication

Energy Wednesday 19/August/2020 10:19 AM
By: Times News Service
Oman's government restructure will help avoid duplication

Muscat: On Tuesday, ten ministries were merged into five and five councils were abolished as part of the project to restructure the state's administrative apparatus through 28 royal decrees.

"This is to avoid duplication of specialisations, and to organize sectors with clear objectives and fix responsibilities for each sector in harmony with the standards set by Oman Vision 2040 for the state's administrative apparatus, " Oman's Government Communications Centre (GC) said in a report.

"The desired future results of the restructuring project are to raise the level of efficiency of government performance compared to the current spending of the state’s general budget, to create a more stimulating environment for doing business and to attract investment, to achieve development that is more focused at the governorate level, to enhance the Sultanate’s indicators in government performance and e-government and to create stimulating work environments for employees."