Customer turned away from bank in Oman for wearing cloth mask

Oman Tuesday 18/August/2020 14:03 PM
By: Times News Service
Customer turned away from bank in Oman for wearing cloth mask

Muscat: A customer was reportedly turned away from the branch of a leading bank in Oman because he was wearing a cloth mask, with only those who wore surgical masks being allowed to enter.

“I was wearing a reusable mask and went into the branch to conduct my business, when the security guard at the door denied me entry and told me to come back wearing a surgical mask,” he recalled. “When I asked him why I cloth mask wouldn’t do, he told me it was a decision from management.”

Fortunately, this customer had a surgical mask in his car, and was able to quickly finish the work he’d come for. However, he suggested that since many might not know of the banks regulations over only those wearing surgical masks being allowed entry, it would benefit customers if some guidelines were put up.

“My friend went to another branch wearing a cloth mask and he was told the same thing, so it would be good if the bank put up some guidelines, as this is quite clearly a company-wide requirement they have brought in,” he added. “A lot of customers may not know of these regulations, and they might not be able to complete any urgent business on time.

“I was able to quickly address the reason I came to the bank, but if they are so concerned about which masks are worn, it would be good if they could keep some surgical masks outside their branches for those who don’t have the correct one,” said this customer. “A box of disposable masks costs only about OMR 1 or 2 these days anyway.”