1,000 Mangroves planted in Oman

Oman Tuesday 20/October/2020 13:22 PM
By: Times News Service
1,000 Mangroves planted in Oman

Muscat: 1,000 mangroves have been planted in the wilayat of Barka in Al Batiah South, the Environment Authority (EA) announced.

This comes as part of a cultivation project of one million mangroves "Qurm" seedlings in the Sultanate. The EA said: "The authority carried out a campaign to cultivate 1,000 seedlings of mangroves, where the specialists of the Marine Environment Conservation Department, in cooperation with the Environment Department in the South Al Batinah Governorate, undertook a cultivation campaign in Khor Hafry in wilayat of Barka."

Badr bin Saif Al Busaidi, a specialist in nature reserves, said: "Some khors have been rehabilitated and cultivated with mangroves, as the number of cultivated seedlings reached about 687 thousand seedlings in 32 khors in the various coastal governorates of the Sultanate."

"This is in addition to conducting research and studies and applying legislation and laws issued in this regard," Al Busaidi added that, it became clear that the growth of seedlings in the previous stages was going well.

It is worth noting that the khors lagoon  is one of the most important ecosystems that contribute to creating an environmental balance between the surrounding ecosystem and it is classified among the types of coastal wetlands, where the Authority seeks to preserve them because of their benefits in various aspects of life.