Jail, fine for cutting trees: Environment Authority

Oman Tuesday 29/September/2020 15:14 PM
By: Times News Service
Jail, fine for cutting trees: Environment Authority

Muscat: The Environment Authority (EA) has announced that those found uprooting or cutting trees will face between 10 days and three months of jail term, and a fine of not less than OMR500 to OMR5,000 for either of these offences.  
A statement issued by the authority said, "Imprisonment for a period of not less than 10 days and not exceeding three months and a fine between OMR500 and OMR5,000, or either of these for the cutting of trees. The penalty will be doubled in the event of a repeat offence. With the exception of maintenance and sample collection work that are carried out in coordination with the authority," the statement added.
1. Cutting, uprooting or damaging any tree, shrub or herb from public forests without permission from the authority.
2. Engaging in any activity that harms the quantity or quality of vegetation cover in any area that leads to desertification or distorts the natural environment
3. Removing stones or uprooting trees, shrubs and herbs, or transporting soil and sand from watercourses, beaches, valleys, ponds, swamps, public water drains, except with a permit from the authority.