Brilliant Youth Private School gears up for a safe school return

Roundup Monday 12/October/2020 13:45 PM
By: Times News Service
Brilliant Youth Private School gears up for a safe school return

Muscat: Brilliant Youth Private School (BYPS) follows the Cambridge Curriculum to give students a holistic academic experience through quality teaching and learning, serving students of Kindergarten to Grade 4.
BYPS is all set to welcome students ‘Back to School!’. With a commitment to provide a safe and secured learning environment to its learners, the school management has left no stone unturned. The school has been proactive and innovative in its approach to providing the best safety facility to all its students by devising various safety systems and approaches.
Every student is provided with an especially built transparent personal cubicle, ensuring that there is no physical contact with other students at all times. Installation of UV based air purifiers provides assurance that students breathe in clean and purified air that is free from germs, bacteria and viruses. iPad Based Learning that facilitates and embraces the change in education dynamics. Every learner gets a free iPad to enhance their learning experience through technology embedded lessons and augmented learning experience. Reduced student strength in each class has ensured that the students remain safe in their learning environment. The school will work in 2 shifts ensuring students can attend school every day.
BYPS is advocating and educating parents towards providing Immunity booster healthy foods in their child’s lunch boxes; a weekly health chart by a dietician to all the parents to help them provide innovative, healthy nourishment to their child.
The school follows a stringent daily cleaning and sanitising routine to ensure that the students return to a sparkling clean and germ-free environment every day. Use of sterilising foot bath at the entrance, hands-free sanitiser dispenser, a daily record of body temperature, separate entry and exit gates, maintaining a 1.5meter social distancing in class and outside, personalised stationery and individual activity-based resource kits, daily briefing to the students to follow safety norms in class and play-ground. All these measures will be implemented under best supervision.
“It is no exaggeration to claim that team BYPS has worked relentlessly without any respite, to put in their efforts in learning, upgrading and training them to provide the best nearing environment to our students whether in school or online. I can proudly say that we are ready with all our gears and grit to welcome our Munchkins’ back to school,” said BYPS Principal Jamila Ashfaque.