State institutions asked to finalise electronic transfer of salaries

Oman Monday 28/September/2020 20:42 PM
State institutions asked to finalise electronic transfer of salaries

Muscat: The Ministry of Finance exhorted units of the State’s Administrative apparatus to complete steps towards the finalisation of electronic transfer of salaries on Monday.

Financial Circular No. 20/2020 on “Processing of electronic transfer of salaries” requires all ministries and government units to speed up the finalisation of procedures governing coordination with their respective banks of electronic transactions “to complete the mechanism of electronic processing of salary transfer.”

In its circular, the Ministry urged ministries and government units lagging behind in the project to fill up the application form for electronic banking services (with banks), specify the names of systems users and those authorised to disburse and deal with the designated bank account provided the particulars/accounts are revised and audited by the internal auditing unit at each ministry and government establishment.

The Ministry cautioned that the current methods of receiving and processing salaries will cease to be used by the end of December 2020.

The procedures and measures come within the context of government efforts to implement electronic transformation and to protect information and data against any risks. 

They also reflect the Sultanate’s commitment to establish security criteria and an approach to tighten control over internal auditing and risks arising from transfers pertaining to government expenditures.