Muscat Municipality issues guidelines for gyms

Oman Tuesday 08/September/2020 12:18 PM
By: Times News Service
Muscat Municipality issues guidelines for gyms

Muscat: Muscat Municipality has issued a statement on Gym health and safety. "Muscat Municipality affirms compliance with the preventive requirements and procedures for men and women fitness halls."

"Preventive measures and requirements include:

1- Managing Attendance (capacity will not exceed 50 per cent)

2- Spreading out fitness equipment (2 metres social distance)

3- Routinely clean and disinfect all areas, shared electronic equipment, machinery and tools (70 per cent alcohol based disinfectant)

4- Clean and disinfect restrooms, locker, changing rooms, etc.

5- Identify the waiting queue (before and after each use of each equipment, considering the physical distance for equipment layout and activities)

6- Prevent any use of Gym whirlpools, swimming pool, saunas, etc.

Customers should exercise the following precautions:

1- Wear face covering before entering facility and during exercise, put it around your neck while running or doing aerobics sports only, to allow for conformable breathing.

2- Bring your own towel and wipe away any sweat before it falls on surfaces.

3- Wear and disinfect special sports gloves before and after using equipment.

4- Stay 2 metres apart from each other and avoid unnecessary talk.

5- Avoid high exertion sports as much as possible.

6- Bring your own water bottle

7- Restrict moving between equipment or facilities inside.