Top 10 things patients consider while choosing an IVF facility

Roundup Monday 29/June/2020 15:48 PM
By: Times News Service
Top 10 things patients consider while choosing an IVF facility

Muscat: In-Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) treatment is a journey and as with all journeys – it requires a lot of planning. It is therefore imperative that the fertility clinic chosen has a good reputation and is accredited by the health ministry.
However, every patient is different and has different needs when it comes to taking the necessary steps through the IVF process.
A research carried out by IVI Fertility experts reveal top 10 things patients consider while choosing a fertility clinic. The research was carried out amongst existing patients, new patients, interested patients, patients of other clinics as well as those who have seen success with IVI Fertility.
Below is a list of top ten things patients consider while choosing an IVF facility.
Background of the clinic: For most patients, the reputation of the clinic is an underlying factor when choosing an IVF facility. Referrals from their gynaecologists, friends, family, quality of healthcare standards and international accreditation are other important factors in the decision-making process.
Counselling services: Fertility treatment is an emotional process. As such, most patients prefer clinics that open about information sharing regarding the process in a safe and confidential environment.
Diagnostic treatments: For patients, the fertility clinic must carry out a full range of tests to establish a clear diagnosis before treatment. Additionally, the clinic must carry pre-genetic tests to rule out hereditary problems.
Range of treatments offered: Patients prefer to choose clinics that offer a wide range of treatments at one location. As such, clinics that offer a range of services, which usually include extensive fertility testing, diagnosis, Intrauterine Insemination, In- Vitro Fertilisation, and fertility preservation are best for IVF treatments.
Ease of appointment booking: Several IVF clinics have long wait times. For patients the chosen clinic must offer quick and easy bookings over the phone, teleconsultations if required, easy egg collections and inseminations on most days of the week and much more.
Success rate: While IVF varies from patient to patient, the overall success rate of the clinic is a key factor that helps couples determine where they might have the best hope of success. IVI Middle East Fertility Clinic has helped 70 per cent of couples achieve and maintain a pregnancy compared to another, which makes them a preferred choice with many patients.
Pricing rationale: While the main goal is to experience pregnancy and bring home a bundle of joy, price is an important factor that should also be acknowledged. Clinics that offer competitive rates but with highest quality care, along with international standards and services are an instant hit with most patients. It is not about money only.
Experience of the doctors: A fertility specialist has an important role to play in the success of fertility treatment. Patients, who opt for IVF treatments, make sure that the fertility specialist they are considering is internationally certified and has enough experience in treating complicated cases too.
Transparency in treatments & pricing: Some fertility treatments are not covered by insurance. Patients look up to the clinics to provide the complete information on the costs, treatment, duration and several other things that have to be considered during an IVF treatment to ensure they have a successful cycle.
Patient-centric approach: While the reputation and size of the clinic may be a determining factor, most patients prefer to seek treatments from clinics and doctors' that offer customised treatment for each patient. A consultative approach, along with personalised care help patients undergoing treatment feel comfortable and familiar, thereby helping reduce the anxiety of fertility treatment.