RCC condemns malicious campaign against company product

Business Wednesday 17/June/2020 16:40 PM
By: Times News Service
RCC condemns malicious campaign against company product

Muscat: Raysut Cement Company (Sohar Cement) has denounced the audio and video clips that were circulated on social media maligning the quality of its national product. The company has contributed towards the building of this dear country for more than 35 years.
‏Accordingly, the company will take legal measures in this regard, which aims to discredit the national product and undermine its quality.
The concrete block is made by mixing cement, sand, the aggregate of a particular size and then moulded into blocks and cured to get proper quality of brick. If any of the items are not in the right proportion or if sand is used more or cement quantity is less than 10 per cent or the aggregate quality is not good or even curing is not done properly, the block may develop cracks.
Cement quality is established by its strength and should be minimum 42.5N, where we in Sohar Cement keep the strength minimum 48 to 50 N. We have a strong quality system and we ensure that we meet the Omani and international cement quality standard.
‏It should be noted that some beneficiaries of the cement companies and individuals living outside the Sultanate want to flood the market at predatory prices, thereby deliberately spreading rumours for malicious purposes.
‏We condemn once again this nefarious act of spreading false information by some individuals and assure everyone that we produce the best quality cement to contribute to building tomorrow's Oman.