Coronavirus: United Kingdom to begin testing vaccine

World Wednesday 22/April/2020 11:49 AM
By: Times News Service
Coronavirus: United Kingdom to begin testing vaccine

Muscat: The British Minister of Health Matt Hancock has announced on Tuesday that clinical trials of a vaccine for COVID-19 will begin from Thursday. The vaccine is said to have a success rate of 80 per cent.

Hancock confirmed, “I can announce the vaccine from the Oxford project will be trialed in people from this Thursday.”

He also said, “In normal times, reaching this stage will take years and I’m very proud of the work done so far."

“At the same time we will invest in manufacturing capability so if these vaccines safely work then we can make them available for the British People as soon as humanly possible,” he added.

The vaccine was developed by scientists at Oxford University and they said that it had an 80% chance of success.