Madayn continues efforts to limit spread of COVID in industrial cities

Business Wednesday 15/April/2020 16:09 PM
By: Times News Service
Madayn continues efforts to limit spread of COVID in industrial cities

Muscat: The Public Establishment for Industrial Estates – Madayn, in cooperation with related bodies, is continuing its intensive efforts to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 in various industrial cities in the country.
Madayn began implementing procedures to address this pandemic since the virus was first detected in December 2019 in the city of Wuhan in China, noted Eng. Basim Al Zadjali, senior health, safety and environmental health specialist at Madayn.
“When the Sultanate announced the registration of the first two cases of coronavirus in February, Madayn formed a team to discuss the implications of the novel coronavirus at various levels for the industrial cities in particular and the Sultanate’s industrial sector in general,” Al Zadjali said, adding, “Madayn’s Security and Occupational Safety and Health (OHS) team is making significant efforts to disseminate awareness on this subject through various methods. Moreover, Madayn has developed a precautionary plan and is following up its implementation through field visits to the industrial units in the various industrial cities in addition to Al Mazunah Free Zone and the Knowledge Oasis Muscat. These field visits aim to monitor any violations and provide correction methods, obligate factories to provide personal protection tools for the workers such as sanitisers, gloves for continuous change, ensure adherence to personal hygiene, and necessary review of potential risk stages during manufacturing.”
Al Zadjali added that Madayn’s Security and OHS team is conducting daily practical training for the OHS officers in the industrial units to get them acquainted with the precautionary measures and how to deal with suspected cases of COVID-19 at the workplace. The team also aims to ensure the adherence of the industrial units to the precautionary measures that were circulated by Madayn to limit the spread of COVID19 in various languages.
The circulated measures by Madayn include providing continuous sanitisation in all of the factory’s facilities including the accommodation; minimising contact and ensuring distance between workers during work and break periods, and at dining rooms within the factory and the accommodation, and minimising the presence of a large group of workers in one place; assigning fixed working groups so that members are not allowed to move from one group to another; on-site workers are not allowed to be in close contact with anyone from outside the work environment; reducing the number of workers in the factory through applying rotational system, activating ‘working from home’ method, and calling out the worker whenever required; instructing workers to avoid contact with surfaces and wash hands frequently with soap and water; if someone has coronavirus symptoms at work, the person must be transferred immediately to the nearest health centre while taking the necessary precautions; controlling the entrance of trucks to the industrial cities and ensuring necessary sterilisation of these trucks is taking place; unauthorised access to the industrial cities and the factories is not permitted, except for the employees or those required; disseminating constant awareness within the industrial city and the factories on the precautionary measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19; providing temperature measurement devices at the entrances of the factory for mandatory examination; and ensuring that salaries and leave balance of all the workers are not being affected.
Al Zadjali also pointed out that Madayn has formed an emergency room that works around the clock to follow up on the developments related to COVID-19. The emergency room receives coronavirus related enquiries and complaints through 24449685 or via WhatsApp: 92389609.
Al Zadjali concluded that through the field visits and constant monitoring conducted by Madayn, no suspected or infected cases have been detected to this point. He emphasised that Madayn will continue conducting these daily field visits in all the industrial cities to enhance health and safety procedures in the factories and companies, as well as visits to the workers’ housing sites to ensure their adherence to the precautionary measures.