Many families separated due to coronavirus

Energy Monday 13/April/2020 17:37 PM
By: Times News Service
Many families separated due to coronavirus

Muscat: The strict measures taken to curb the spread of the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) in Oman has also resulted in families living in separate cities and countries.
This is merely due to the outbreak of the virus globally that has limited the movement of people around the world including the Sultanate.
There are a number of expatriates residing in the country who have one way or the other been affected due to the restrictions in place to control the potential spread of coronavirus.
It has limited their travel to their respective countries and within Oman to be with their families and the loved ones.
One such is the case of Khalil ur Rehman, a British/African national residing in the capital city, Muscat. Rehman moved to Muscat from Dubai in November 2019, leaving his family behind, to work here as the head of a finance department at one of the private hospitals.
“I had to leave my family in Dubai as my son is attending school there and is in the 11th grade. So, I didn’t want to disturb his studies and decided to drive to Dubai every weekend to be with them. Things were going absolutely smooth until the coronavirus happened.
“It has been more than a month since I have seen my wife and son due to the closure of the borders and unavailability of flights. In fact, I haven’t even stepped out of my apartment in 16 days now,” Rehman said.
He continued saying that, “I totally appreciate and understand the measures taken by the authorities which is for our well-being but this virus has cost us a lot, and I pray that it ends soon so that a lot of people who are living away from their families can be united again.”
An Egyptian family of four has also been living in different cities in the Sultanate. Obaid Elbeleidy said, “I have got two children – a 9-year-old girl and a 3-year-old boy – and they are both living with my wife in Sur. My wife is a teacher there and I am a graphic designer in Muscat, and we haven’t seen each other for almost a month and a half. Initially, we decided to live apart as a precaution of keeping our children safe while hoping that the virus will soon go down. But then the movement between the cities got limited due to the growing number and potential threat, and we couldn’t do anything about it.”
He added that he is keeping in touch with his family through video calls every day, and is hoping to get back together once the pandemic ends.