How movement between governorates increases COVID-19 infection

Oman Saturday 04/April/2020 19:55 PM
By: Times News Service
How movement between governorates increases COVID-19 infection

Muscat: Movement of people between governorates provides a greater chance of infecting healthy people by those who have COVID-19, due to interactions with more number of people, Oman’s Government Communications Centre has said.

“It provides a greater chance for the spread of the virus, thus recording more infections in other governorates,” said the centre. “It makes patients come into contact with other people, including persons who may be infected with the virus before symptoms occur.”

The government body added: “A greater number of potential infections may occur with older people and patients with chronic diseases, which may result in more deaths. It increases the pressure on competent authorities to contain the virus.”

In a message to locals and expats in the country, the centre said, “control and check points are there for your safety and those around you. It becomes a national duty to be committed, cooperate with the competent authorities, and carry your required documents with you all the time.”