COVID-19: How to spend time while indoors in Oman

Oman Saturday 04/April/2020 18:35 PM
By: Times News Service
COVID-19: How to spend time while indoors in Oman

Muscat: To keep themselves occupied while they’re not working from home, but need to stay indoors to reduce the spread of COVID-19, people in Oman have involved themselves into productive activities.

Although it might’ve been a bit difficult in the beginning, people have now adapted to the changes caused by the measures taken to ensure their health and safety. Talking to Times of Oman, Nataly Cazacova, an account based in the Sultanate said she enjoyed working from home, as she made sure to maintain her regular schedule of waking up early

“I still wake up early in the morning, I still get ready – of course I don’t dress formally as I would to go to the office, but I that feel changing out of pyjamas into something more formal helps with the mood – I make myself comfortable at my makeshift desk and to add a little variety to it, I move my laptop from the dining table to the kitchen counter, and that works like my standing station.

“I also try to maintain a task and reward format for my workday which means I set out the list of things that need to be done every time I complete a task. It may be making a coffee or tea, having some snacks, doing some chores around the house, or spending some time with pets, after which I then return to the task that is next in line,” Cazacova said.

She also added that she stuck to the same working hours on a daily basis, and maintained a workout routine to compensate for the inability to do so outside, as well as to provide mental relaxation.