Made-in-Oman manure helps plants grow faster

Oman Wednesday 22/June/2016 21:18 PM
By: Times News Service
Made-in-Oman manure helps plants grow faster

Muscat: A group of Omani students have created an eco-friendly liquid manure that helps plants “grow faster.”
Econas, the student-run company said this “first-of-its-kind” product will help Omani farmers grow their flowers and vegetables “more smoothly.”
Made up of 11 members, the company will start selling its “Plant Coffee” next week.
Farmers in Oman currently use solid manure, which takes more time to blend with soil and is more expensive. The new “Plant Coffee” is set be sold at a price of 350 Omani baisa per litre.
“It provides better nutrition to a plant as its ingredients consist of only organic material and waste,” said Moza Al Wahabi, a member of Econas, which was established last year.
Marketing products
Econas is a made up of a group of Sultan Qaboos University students and they depend on social media and public exhibitions to promote and market their eco-friendly products.
“The liquid manure technology aims to reuse organic waste and livestock manure in a better economic and hygienic way to produce an effective liquid fertiliser,” Al Wahabi explained, adding that plant nursery owners and farmers will be their main marketing targets.
She added that the liquid manure also reduces the need to continuously water a plant and enhances its immunity during cold and hot weather.