Khimji Ramdas unveils its revamped brand identity

Roundup Monday 30/March/2020 18:00 PM
By: Times News Service
Khimji Ramdas unveils its revamped brand identity

Muscat: Shining light on 150 years of business excellence, Khimji Ramdas (KR) Group recently commemorated its sesquicentennial anniversary by unveiling its repurposed, recharged and reinvigorated brand identity.
With over 40 diverse businesses under 4 clusters serving the needs of its customers across the nation, the KR Group endorses growth from a standpoint of a practical visionary who is knowledgeable yet understanding of human aspirations.
The new KR logo represents the evolution and progress of the company over the years along with the brand persona that highlights its commitment to bringing pragmatic and positive change within the nation and beyond. Mirroring this dynamic, the KR initials seamlessly integrate Arabic and English alphabets to represent the totality of the brand’s essence that embraces modernity hand-in-hand with traditional roots. The English letters ‘K’ and ‘R’ with Arabic letters ‘Kaf’ and ‘Ra’ to represent the totality of its brand essence giving it a global outlook with local relevance.
The brand colour combination embodies the rich and fruitful 150-year legacy and a fresh approach to the future. The colour deep blue denotes the heritage of strong maritime origins amalgamated with the ethos of integrity, loyalty, wisdom and professionalism. The refined red implies future potential approached with energy, passion, courage, creativity and leadership that the brand is synonymous for. Blue is the colour of technology and red is the colour of creativity. BUKRA, which denotes tomorrow in Arabic, will be its new font style.
Commenting on the new brand identity, Pankaj Khimji, Director of Khimji Ramdas said, “Over the past 150 years, we have strived to continuously evolve with changing times. While this revitalised identity marks our development it also signals the dawn of a new era. As we set our sights on the future, we aim to drive our beloved nation to the forefront through progressive business practices. We continue to embrace innovative policies and practices that will allow us to maximise the potential within every member of the community, which in turn will fuel advancement in the wider economy. Our new logo represents our goal to persistently exceed customer expectation through an unflinching focus on quality, collaboration, improvisation and constant innovation.”
The company core values speak of the promise of Trust; to ensure accountability in all transactions, Care; to be a model corporate citizen by maximizing value for all stakeholders, Commitment; to meaningfully contribute to the Sultanate’s development vision, and Learning; to determinedly pursue a culture of innovation within the society in which it operates.
Demonstrating the way ahead for the future, Pankaj Khimji added, “This transition is not just a change of the KR logo; it marks a prominent change in our personality. With 50 glorious years of Oman’s renaissance behind us, we now move with the new times into the dawn of the renaissance 2.0. We will continue to build on our past success as we sprint ahead to a promising future. We aim to remain steadfast in establishing international standards of reliability, competence and skill while helping our people and our budding youth to realize their full potential. That is our pivotal role in society, encouraging acumen with inventive business architecture.”
While the new logo represents change, this transformation is not just skin deep. To ensure maximum potential, KR operations have been streamlined into four business clusters to infuse operational synergy. This organisational stratum is divided into Lifestyle, Consumer Products, Infrastructure, and Projects & Logistics Clusters and will streamline higher levels of cross-functionality to share business know-how while creating a plethora of new possibilities.
The Lifestyle Cluster is home to luxury watches and Jewellery, lifestyle products distribution and retail, fashion apparels and telecom retail and distribution alongside restaurants and café, training and consultancy. The Consumer Products Cluster features FMGC products, Supermarket chain along with health & beauty stores. Shipping, tourism, insurance, defence projects and the automotive products and services form the Projects & Logistics cluster. Infrastructure cluster covers end-to-end construction and heat transfer solutions, health and hospitality infrastructure products along with marine, Information and Communications Technology, transportation and general industrial solutions.
With technology at its peak of dynamism, KR Group promises a new era of empowerment of individuals and communities by investing in a comprehensive infrastructure that will eventually drive the economy forward. The company already marks significant milestones in way of business performance and community engagement and promises to further its heritage of distinction through its refurbished approach.