More than 5,000 sign up to help Oman fight COVID-19

Business Sunday 29/March/2020 16:44 PM
By: Times News Service
More than 5,000 sign up to help Oman fight COVID-19

Muscat: More than 5,000 young citizens and residents responded to the National Youth Commission’s request for volunteers to help assist those who are working to stop the spread of COVID-19 in Oman.

Among the 5,666 who signed up, the NYC selected 398 young men and women to offer help to medical professionals who are providing healthcare and quarantine services to those who have been infected with the symptoms of the novel coronavirus.

Praising the response from these youngsters, an NYC statement thanked the “more than 5,000 young men and women,” adding that they were “the nation's soldiers and protectors. Thanks for your initiative!”

“398 young men and women were chosen to volunteer in the relief and shelter sectors to assist health professionals,” added the commission. “This data will be sent to the relief and aid sectors so that these youth volunteers can be contacted at a later time.”

The National Youth Commission also thanked those who had responded to their call for volunteers, but added that more needed to be done by the country’s people if the spread of COVID-19 was to stop.

The government body said, “Thank you to those who responded to Oman’s appeal in various ways! The volunteer registration for the relief and shelter sectors ended after an unprecedented turnout, but our duty is not yet over here yet. Be sure to social distancing, follow healthy habits, and comply with the instructions issued by the authorities concerned.”

Among the responsibilities volunteers are expected to handle are the meeting of returnees to Oman at the airport, where they will collect relevant data and escort them to accommodation that has been prepared for them to spend time in quarantine. They are also required to check up on those who are under quarantine, and tend to their requirements.

Volunteers must update their leaders and inform them of any emergency situations, as well as be willing to perform other tasks that are assigned to them during the process of providing medical relief and assistance. In exchange for their services, volunteers will receive food and accommodation.