Ministry issues measures to ensure availability of medicines

Oman Sunday 29/March/2020 14:26 PM
By: Times News Service
Ministry issues measures to ensure availability of medicines

Muscat: The Directorate General of Pharmaceutical Affairs and Drug Control has announced urgent measures to ensure the continuous availability of medicines and medical supplies in the local market.

A statement has issued online by the Government Communication Center said:

1- An adequate stock of medicines in the Sultanate, and a permanent working team to follow up the issue of the availability of essential medicines and medical supplies in coordination with the private sector.

2- Continuous follow up with suppliers of medicines and local pharmaceutical factories in the Sultanate.

3- The importing companies must import additional quantities based on the local consumption, so that adequate stocks are provided for a period of not less than six months.

4- Emphasizing the necessity to notify the Directorate in the event of a shortage or delay in the supply.

5- Directing the local pharmaceutical factories to cover any shortage of essential medicines and others, and to maintain an adequate stock of materials during the coming period.

6- Setting the necessary controls for the continued availability of masks and hand sanitisers in pharmacies and commercial stores, and selling them at appropriate prices, while adhering to the necessary standard specifications for these products.

7- Continuous coordination between the Directorate and the General Authority for Consumer Protection regarding oversight of pharmacies and commercial shops to ensure their compliance

8- Any violations are referred to the competent authority to take the necessary punitive measures.

9- The directorate responds to all communications and inquiries received from the public through the ministry's call center, which operates over 24 hours during the current period.