How working from home continues to help us remain active

Energy Sunday 22/March/2020 23:44 PM
By: Times News Service
How working from home continues to help us remain active

Muscat:The world is changing, and with it, the way we live and work is also changing. Even the person among us who had the most vivid imagination,would’ve surely not expected the world to be in the situation it finds itself in right now.
What we’re seeing at the moment is something we’ve often seen in movies, but seldom expected to witness at present. Now that we are in a situation where people have to stay at home, shops have closed down, social activities, travel and sport have all been halted,two industries would appear to be the most important of all: medicine is the first, and information technology is second.
Of course, humanity’s hope is for medical experts to find the cure for COVID-19 and while we are all waiting for that, we cannot stop our lives, our work, our education, our culture, and all the interactive things that make us human. Here we see the important role of information technology, which is by the day becoming an essential part of our lives, and peeking into the future, will continue to be an integral part of civilization.
While IT encompasses a broad range of very important subjects, the most significant of these during such difficult times is remote access. This provides the ability to workers to continue their duties while at home, with speed, reliability and security.
In the coming days, you will most probably be hearing a lot about these words from your colleagues who work in IT, or at least you should be! Words that seemed insignificant in the past, such as remote access, VPN (virtual private network), 2FA tokens (two factor authentication tokens) to name a few, will now take centre stage.
Without diving into details, these are the keywords that help bring you back to your work environment while you are safe within your own home. It is not a new technology at all, and most organisations already have these.This was in the past limited to mobile workers and IT staff working during an emergency. Now, however, this emergency has grown to reach all of us, so instead of us staying at home, as we bide our time by watching news that troubles us, we have the ability to stay active, participate, and serve our society through our work, this time, from home.