Coronavirus: Stay at home, Oman embassy in UK tells students.

Oman Monday 09/March/2020 14:54 PM
By: Times News Service
Coronavirus: Stay at home, Oman embassy in UK tells students.

Muscat: As a preventive step, the Omani Cultural Attaché (CAO) in London has called on students to stay at home and avoid going out except when necessary.

The attache said in a statement: "We would like to inform that a number of students have contacted us about the desire to return to the Sultanate for fear of spreading the disease in the different countries of scholarship and the cities in which they are studying."

"We also confirm that all educational institutions follow up on the status of the virus and its spread, and take the necessary measures to prevent and deal with infected cases, and periodic bulletins are sent through e-mail with all developments. Everyone will be notified if the study is suspended in any educational institution and this is issued only from the official authorities."

"We hope all students will follow the developments and instructions issued by the local authorities in the cities where you live and not to travel during this period except in cases of extreme necessity." CAO added.

"Also, when studies are suspended in any institution, this means that every student stays at home and avoids unjustified exit.
Please do not panic and follow-up to instructions and developments in the matter," the attache explained.