Going for your driving test? Now, you can choose how to give it

Energy Tuesday 11/February/2020 12:38 PM
By: Times News Service
Going for your driving test? Now, you can choose how to give it

Muscat: People in Oman who are planning to give their driving test in the coming weeks can opt for driving through either drums or poles in the first part of their test.

Driving instructors will now give students the option of negotiating both drums and poles, and will allow students to pick one choice of obstacle, after which they will proceed to train them accordingly.

This has already been put into practice in the training areas in Darsait and Seeb in the capital of Muscat.

“My driving instructor recently told me that I could choose between drums and poles,” said Mohammed Al Shukaili, an Omani who is currently preparing to take his test. “I was a bit confused, because I thought he was referring to the same thing, but he then explained to me that poles had also been introduced for those who wanted it.”

A manager at a driving school said, “Some people find the drum to be a little bit tough to drive past, because of its size. A pole makes it easier for them to manoeuvre, and that is why this was introduced. However, preparation is still vital and students must not take this lightly.”