Guide to the perfect nighttime beauty routine

T-Mag Thursday 07/November/2019 09:20 AM
By: Times News Service
Guide to the perfect nighttime beauty routine

Mornings are busy and sitting down to go through an entire skincare routine can sound pretty challenging. Hence, we’ve devised the perfect nighttime routine, so that you simply wake up glowing (#wokeuplikethis for real). A good beauty routine is essential at night as this is when your skin also regenerates itself, and using the right products will aid your skin in that journey of regeneration. It’s also important to ensure that you use the products in the right order. Feeling a little unsure about that? Here’s what you need to know.

1 Makeup remover
Micellar water is great, but if you don’t have something that is specifically labelled ‘makeup remover’, fret not. Regular petroleum jelly works just as well. Though it’s a common practice to use the cleanser as a makeup remover, sometimes it’s just not enough. If you have heavy makeup on, you’ll need something more oil-based. It’s also a good idea to invest in a separate eye makeup remover for those waterproof liners and mascaras.

2 Cleanser
Follow makeup removal with a hydrating cleanser. It helps take off any residual dirt, grime, or makeup while ensuring that the skin remains moisturised.

3 Toner
This is the most skipped product. However, skin experts insist toners are essential to ensure the pH balance of the skin is maintained. Go for alcohol-free toners if you’re using it daily. Acid toners should only be used twice or thrice in a week.

4 Spot treatments
If you’re using retinol for spot correction or a specific serum for acne or pimples, apply it before you apply any other moisturiser so that the product can seep into the skin better.

5 Eye creams
The area around the eyes is thinner and demands special attention. Just like an eye makeup remover, it is always wise to invest in eye creams. You can target a specific problem or go for eye creams that perform more functions than one.

6 Moisturisers, night creams, and oil
Save this for the end. Night creams are usually thicker in consistency and feel heavier than day creams, which is why it should be used last. Over the course of the night, moisturisers gradually get absorbed into the skin while they simultaneously prevent your skin from losing water and hydration.

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