Indian School Ghubra hosts Times of Oman quiz contestants

Oman Wednesday 13/April/2016 22:09 PM
By: Times News Service
Indian School Ghubra hosts Times of Oman quiz contestants

Muscat: Curiosity and excitement were seen on the faces of students, who participated in the fourth qualifier of the Times of Oman Inter School Quiz Contest (TOOISQC) at the Indian School Ghubra.
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Students rose to the challenge and answered the right mix of audio, visual and direct questions posed by quiz master Lloyd Saldanha here on Wednesday.
More than 400 students in two categories –junior and senior—from the Indian School Ghubra and Mabella competed with eagerness to make it to the next round of the Times inter-school quiz.
About 219 teams, 191 from Ghubra and 28 from the Mabella School participated in the fourth qualifier.
The qualifier was an easy task for Edhil, who is participating in the junior category of the Times quiz for the second consecutive time.
“Today, I found the preliminary round easier and I think my team can easily qualify for the next round as we got 18 questions right,” Edhil, a class seven student said.
“It was a quiet easy but questions about identifying the flag was a little bit difficult,” said Prathyaksh, a student of Mabella School, who has participated in the mega-prelims four times.
“I hope I can repeat what I did in the previous years,” he added.
Junior contests grew louder with joy when the quiz master asserted the answers to the questions.
Questions ranged from who’s who, currency, movies, places and inventions to sports and cartoons.
According to the Vice Principal of the Ghubra School, the Times of Oman quiz has given lot of new thoughts and inputs to the students.
“It’s not a traditional quiz competition; It is not easy to qualify for the next round with the knowledge that we can get from some books; participants should have a good knowledge of the current affairs also should have a good observation about the entire world,” G Sree Kumar, the vice principal said.
“This makes Times of Oman’s interschool quiz special and this is a rich learning experience for our children,” he added.
According to a senior contestant, the questions were bit tougher than the previous years.
“It was a bit difficult, even though I think we can qualify to the next round,” said Saidev, a class 9 student of the Ghubra School.
Teams from 20 schools are participating in the quiz contest while the top 12 schools will clash in the final on April 21 at the City Amphitheatre. The mega prelims will be held on April 19 at the Indian School Ghubra.
The winning school will lift the Essa bin Mohammed Al Zedjali Rolling Trophy for their school.