Agreement signed for dates processing plant in Oman

Energy Monday 30/September/2019 21:02 PM
By: Times News Service
Agreement signed for dates processing plant in Oman

Muscat: Oman Dates Production and Packaging Company (ODPP) signed a lead consultancy agreement with STI Engineering, for Dates Processing Plant and six collecting centres.
The agreement was signed by Salah bin Hilal Al Ma’awali, ODPP Board Chairman and Sultan bin Salim Al Salmy, Chairman of STI Engineering.
The project aims to establish a dates processing plant at the highest international standards on an area of 100,000 sqm in Rumais area in Barka. The collecting centres will be located in the wilayats of Saham, A’Rustaq, Nizwa, Ibri, Ibra and Ja’alan Bani Bu Hasan with a total area of 118,703 sqm. The project is expected to cost OMR28 million in the first phase reaching OMR75 million in the final stage with a total production capacity of 80,000 metric tonnes of dates per annum.
On this occasion, Eng. Adnan Al Alawi, General Manager of ODPP spoke about the importance of the project and its role in the development of the palm date sector in the Sultanate. The palm tree is one of the most important vital resources for the Omani citizen, which is associated with it humanitarianly and historically throughout the ages, in addition to its economic importance. The idea of establishing this vital project is to create a nurturing and marketing environment for Omani dates in line with the international quality standards.
Fabrizio Floreani, CEO of STI Engineering stated that STI Engineering is very honoured of being partner of ODPP into development of this strategic project for food security programme of the country, to which we will be able to bring, once again, our experience and know-how in the food industry.
Sultan bin Salim Al Salmy, Chairman of STI Engineering affirmed that STI Engineering is proud to contribute to introducing higher food security standards to the Sultanate of Oman and look forward to working with ODPP in this exciting project brought to the country.