MoCI to launch digital industrial survey system

Business Saturday 28/September/2019 18:54 PM
By: Times News Service
MoCI to launch digital industrial survey system

Muscat: Oman’s Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MoCI) will launch on September 29 its electronic system for industrial statistics to fully digitise and document all the stages of industrial surveys conducted by the Ministry
During an introductory meeting, the technical team will present the technical improvements achieved through the digital industrial records system to the representatives from private and government sectors, in addition to guiding the representatives through a hands-on demonstration about the new features put forward by the digital industrial survey system.
Sami Salim Al-Sahib, director-general of Industry at MoCI said, “The ministry is always seeking to develop the services provided to investors internally and externally, where statistics and information of all kinds support investors to benchmark their investment projects. Based on the comprehensive industrial statistical database, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry will constantly review the economic progress of the manufacturing sector towards the goals set for Sultanate’s 2040 vision.”
The electronic survey of industrial establishments will contribute towards increased speed and accuracy towards access to industrial information for the monitoring and evaluation of the Manufacturing Strategy 2040, in addition to streamlining the preparatory work and linking key statistics for official key performance indicators (KPIs) at MoCI. In addition to it improving the monitoring and follow-up mechanisms of the strategies of the ministry, it also reports on progress towards enabling performance control, prevents bottlenecks and ensures necessary corrective actions taken on a timely basis.
Moaamir Zahran Al-Abri, director of the Department of Industrial Information at the Directorate General of Industry, said: “The industrial statistical survey by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry covers more than one thousand industrial establishments in the Sultanate and is conducted in various governorates of the Sultanate. Those companies that have an industrial license and a workforce of more than nine workers are included in this. The ministry urges industrial establishments to proactively participate in the annual industrial statistical survey as part of a collective effort to facilitate the informed policymaking for the Manufacturing Strategy 2040.”
This industrial statistical survey is a reference point towards assessing the overall performance of industrial enterprises in the Sultanate, and enterprises participating in the digital industrial statistical survey will benefit from this participation. While working to report the industrial statistics, the enterprises will be able to understand the areas in which they are performing well and also be able to determine in which areas they need to improve their performance.
The directorate is constantly reviewing the criteria of the industrial statistical survey to align with the Manufacturing Strategy 2040, and its monitoring and evaluation, such as the areas that will be impacted by the fourth Industrial Revolution are being studied. If approved, additional changes will be introduced in the coming year.
“From this year (2019) onwards, a digital industrial statistical system will be deployed for collecting industrial statistics in the Sultanate,” added Al Zabri. “The technical team at the Department of Industrial Information at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry will continue to supervise the data collection process for upholding the highest level of transparency and governance. It would require constant efforts from all parties to embrace big data analytics in the era of the fourth Industrial Revolution. The design of the digital industrial statistical survey adopts the international statistical framework set by the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation to ensure that the industrial statistics of the Sultanate are compatible with the rest of the economies.”