3-year-old in Oman fighting for life after parents die in accident

Energy Sunday 15/September/2019 22:49 PM
By: Times News Service
3-year-old in Oman fighting for life after parents die in accident

Muscat: A three-year-old girl is fighting for her life in a hospital in Oman after a car accident which claimed the lives of her parents and baby brother.

The little girl, who has been identified as Haniyya Siddiqua, had travelled with her father Gousulla, mother Ayesha and infant brother Hamza from their home in UAE to Oman by road to visit Salalah.

On the road from Salalah to Nizwa, however, their vehicle collided with another, and they were rushed to Nizwa hospital, where Haniyya’s parents and younger brother were declared dead. Little Haniyya was found to have suffered brain injuries and was immediately moved to Khoula Hospital in Muscat.

The Indian Embassy in Oman said they were in touch with consular officials in Dubai to provide assistance to the toddler and help contact her family members.

A statement from the embassy said, “The embassy is in touch with the family. Arrangements are being made to transfer the mortal remains to India, where the family are originally from. The surviving child has been moved to Khoula Hospital, Muscat for specialised treatment.”

An official from the embassy added, “We have provided every possible aid to her, and all the resources that have been provided have come through us. As soon as we learned about this incident, we contacted the community social workers, our mission in Dubai and flashed the information to them. In Muscat, we contacted social workers and they relayed information to their workers in Haima and Nizwa. All the formalities have been completed in a very short time, and the mortal remains have already reached Hyderabad. I visited the girl myself in Khoula hospital after she was moved there from Nizwa.”

He added, “There has been some improvement in her condition after her admission. The doctors are thinking of performing some orthopaedic surgery on her. We have been in touch with her relatives and a female relative has come down from Dubai to Muscat, as well as a relative of the deceased lady in Muscat. This person has been made the local guardian, and we are in touch with them. The social workers and other community members have extended critical support to us, and we have finished our work in a short amount of time. Our worry now is about this girl who is undergoing treatment in Khoula Hospital. Let us all pray for her.”

Suhail Khan of the Indian Social Club Deccan Wing, said: “She’s getting the best possible medical support.”

“People are asking about her condition, so we are updating on WhatsApp every two hours as to what is going on. People in India want to know and also her family friends in Dubai. The Indian community is also up to the occasion – there is support pouring in from every quarter. It is like she is the adopted baby from Oman, and everybody wants her to be well. Prayers are pouring in from all sides. The Indian Social Club, the Indian Embassy, ROP, and the Oman medical support teams – they are all there with her.”