Adopting new tech for advancing manufacturing sector top priority: MoCI

Business Sunday 01/September/2019 14:50 PM
By: Times News Service
Adopting new tech for advancing manufacturing sector top priority: MoCI

Muscat: Adopting latest technologies for the advancement of the manufacturing sector in Oman is one of the top priorities for government.

If Oman plans to achieve a strong growth rate in manufacturing in next period, it will be built on the foundation of the herculean efforts of the government in adopting new advanced technologies, Oman's Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MoCI) said.

The move aims to implement economic diversity and also activate the non-oil sectors in Oman to aid in boosting the local economy.

Director General of Industry at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Eng. Sami bin Salim al Sahib, said: “We have margianal growth in manufacturing-related sub-sectors that have materialised due to adopting new technologies which contributes to supporting our competitiveness in the global market. Accordingly, one of the top priorities of Oman`s Industrial Strategy 2040 is introducing the latest high technologies.”

He added: “It is a necessary to include the Manufacturing Strategy 2040 in all national developmental strategies and planning to have this strategy successfully implemented. We also have to consider the circumstances unfolding around us; as we all know that every industry has its own requirements.”

"MoCI, in cooperation with competent government authorities and private sector establishments, is committed to address all inter-related issues in all sectors and support achieving industrial development,” he further added.

Al Sahib also explained that the ministry will spare no effort to achieve the aims and targets outlined by the Manufacturing Strategy 2040.

"Technology is one of the three main enablers on which we depend to achieve the Industrial Strategy 2040; as the other two enablers are governance and labor. These three elements will facilitate the development of around 30 manufacturing sub-fields. As there are many inter-related issues between these sub-fields, there should be a high level of coordination to achieve the social and strategic aims of the Industry Strategy 2040.

"MoCI also encourages and promotes the adoption of advanced technologies that helps increase productivity as our research capabilities has been witnessing a rapid development in 2018. We plan to have have research centres that are dedicated to developing strategies to aid manufacturing and also contributes to more shared experiences and idea exchanges for innovation.

Director of Industrial Information at MoCI, Eng. Moamar bin Zahran al Abri, said: “Industrial information and data are generated from statistical surveys that we conduct, which have a significant role in monitoring and evaluating the Industrial Strategy 2040. This information contributes to improving the mechanisms followed in performance monitoring and in drafting the correction procedures in time.”

The statistical surveys conducted by MoCI cover more than 600 industrial establishments. MoCI encourages all establishments to take in the surveys annually. Furthermore, a e-survey system is expected to be launched soon that is touted to facilitate participation.

According to the surveys, the capital and source - intense industries have made a solid growth in 2017 are as follows: food industries (11 per cent), beverages ( 7 per cent), textile (20 per cent) paper products (0.5 per cent), plastic and rubber (12 per cent), furniture (14 per cent).