Visit the green paradise of Madinat Al Haq this Khareef

Energy Wednesday 31/July/2019 21:26 PM
By: Times News Service

Muscat: Madinat Al Haq, located around 50km from the city of Salalah, boasts lush wadis, hills and natural green pastures, welcoming many who come to enjoy the gorgeous views.
The village is highly recommended by visitors to Salalah, particularly on travel websites such as TripAdvisor, where it has been listed as a must-see for those who travel to Dhofar.
Located along the Salalah-Mirbat road, Madinat Al Haq has been listed among a number of other must-visit attractions, including Khor Rori, the Wadi Darbat waterfalls, Arzat, Tobruk, Athum and Hamran springs, Tawi Ateer sink hole, Jabal Samhan, Taqah castle and beach and Mirbat castle and beach.
Madinat Al Haq is located in the mountains, roughly 37.5 kilometres from the town of Taqah. During Khareef, the village is well known for receiving significant rainfall, with the experience for visitors enhanced due to its presence in the foothills.
Add to that the cool refreshing breezes and ethereal mist and you will indeed feel like you’ve been transported to a faraway land full of magic and wonder.

Video by: Adil Salim