Lonely Planet names Oman among best tourist destinations

Oman Tuesday 08/March/2016 21:44 PM
By: Times News Service
Lonely Planet names Oman among best tourist destinations

Muscat: Oman’s image as a top-class destination for holidaymakers worldwide has received a further boost after it was named as the best place to travel in April by the world famous travel guide Lonely Planet.
“Immerse yourself in epic landscapes, like Ecuador’s “Valley of the Volcanoes” or Oman’s spectacular coast; celebrate history and culture in England, Albuquerque and the Pacific; and embrace new beginnings in Thailand in April 2016,” the travel guide said.
Lonely Planet’s best places to travel to in April 2016 feature places to go and things to do all around the world in April.
Tourism officials said this is a further shot in the arm for Oman’s tourism industry. “Oman once more, distinguishes itself as a top destination in the world,” a travel expert said.
Maurice de Rooij, general manager at the Millennium Resort Mussanah (MRM), however, said he is actually not surprised with the outcome as the Ministry of Tourism, hotels including (MRM) with the support of international sailing events through Oman Sail and many tourist related businesses have worked diligently to achieve such honours.
“Oman has much to offer and is genuine and authentic in its available tourist offers. On behalf of (MRM), I express our sincere congratulations to all those who have been working behind the tourism scenes of Oman. It’s like receiving a tourism Oscar for all categories,” he told the Times of Oman on Tuesday.
Fantastic stuff
Talking more about Oman, the travel guide said Oman is the kind of place road trippers fantasise about, with routes that gently hug the coast, zigzag through spectacular mountains, or take you on wild, off-road adventures from wadi to wadi (valley).
“It’s now possible to drive along almost the entire coast of the country, from the capital of Muscat right down to tropical Salalah—you’ll need at least three days. This journey takes in the recently opened road from Shwaymiyah to Hasik, which winds its way through the moody mountain scenery of Jebel Samhan,” Lonely Planet said.
On including Oman in the list of destinations to visit in April, the publication said this is a fabulous time to go to Oman as temperatures would not have reached the searing highs of summer yet, so camping would be a possibility if one wants to stretch out the journey a little longer. “Allow extra time to check out the pink lagoons of Al Khalil, the ancient rock formations of Wadi Shuhram and traditional Barasti fishing villages along the way,” it said.