Oman education: First SQU architectural and engineering forum organised

Oman Monday 08/February/2016 20:31 PM
By: Times News Service
Oman education: First SQU architectural and engineering forum organised

Muscat: Civil and Architectural Engineering Society at the College of Engineering at Sultan Qaboos University (SQU) on Sunday organised the First Civil and Architectural Engineering Forum under the patronage of Salim bin Hamed Al Kimiyani, chief executive of Parsons International.
Speaking on importance of the event, Chaham Rajab Alalouch, assistant professor at the Department of Civil and Architectural Engineering and the supervisor of the student society, said the forum is part of a series of student activities that aims to raise the efficiency of university graduates, to activate the students’ role in university life, and to promote interaction between the university and professional companies and institutions.
“The field of Civil and Architectural Engineering is directly linked to the basics of developing societies, therefore, the evolution and development of this area is essential for comprehensive social progress. Out of this awareness, the Department of Civil and Architectural Engineering offers undergraduate programmes and awards the degree of Bachelor of Science in both Civil Engineering and Architectural Engineering. The department is currently working to offer a Masters Programme in Architectural Engineering with a focus on sustainable design.”
Regarding the role of the department in communicating with public and private sectors, Chaham Alalouch said: “We believe that our role is not complete without the effective cooperation of all sectors of government, companies and institutions that are involved in the construction business in the Sultanate. The department is keen to integrate private companies and government institutions in the educational process and activation of the principle of participation with them through a number of events and activities.”
Student Haitham Al Kalbani, head of the Civil and Architectural Engineering Society, said that the forum’s agenda included holding talks and discussions on the completed, ongoing and future construction projects in civil and architectural engineering Oman.
“The event will help improve the skills that students should obtain after graduating from the university in order to adapt to the nature of work, tap job opportunities and meet the labour market’s needs.” Al Kalbani also noted that participation is not limited to students of SQU only, but also welcomes students from the Caledonian College of Engineering, the Middle East College and the Higher College of Technology in Al Khuwair and Ibra.
More than 300 engineering students, as well as a number of alumni faculty members and representatives from construction companies, attended the forum. The government and private institutions that participated in the forum included the Ministry of Transport and Communication, Haya Water, the Parson Corporation, Oman Rail, Beah Company, Amjad for Engineering Consultation and others.